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Innovative systems provides innovision smart-trac closed circuit tv action tracking system and the innovision digital video recorderInnovative Systems, Inc. and Vid-Com Engineering released two new innovative and revolutionary security products: the Innovision Smart-Trac Closed Circuit TV action tracking system and the Innovision Digital Video Recorder. These pioneering products will enhance the world of video security and 24-hour surveillance for business owners and security personnel, providing a complete and comprehensive package to assist in the management of their facility(s).

Innovative Systems’ Innovision Smart-Trac has the unique ability to actually detect and follow one or more activities within its wide-angle field of view. Innovative Systems’ Innovision Digital Video Recorder captures images digitally with no user intervention required. There are no tapes to change or rewind.

Innovision Digital Video Recorder works with the Smart-Trac system to provide seamless digital recording of only the detected activities, reducing hard drive space requirements and minimizing wear on the dome camera. A major advantage of the new Innovision product line is the capability to view live or recorded images via a high-speed Internet connection using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Log-ons and passwords provide site security and flexibility over what cameras can be viewed and what functions are available to each user. While all of this can done at the Innovision Digital Video Recorder’s location, business owners or security personnel can access crisp and clean images from a home computer or a laptop from virtually anywhere in the world.

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View a Live Demonstration of the InnoVision DVR.

Press Release - Oct. 13, 2003

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