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Since 1988, Innovative Systems, Inc. has served Wisconsin and Northern Illinois with superior residential and commercial security and other related offerings. Innovative Systems is a local, privately-owned innovator and integrator that offers complete design, installation, and servicing of customized system technologies.


What separates Innovative Systems is our 25+ year commitment of honesty, integrity, quality, and experience.  From our dedicated Sales & Administrative Team, to our expertly trained Service & Installation Technicians; Innovative Systems will go above and beyond to ensure your entire experience is not only beneficial for your business or home, but also pleasant.  We don't just service customers, we create relationships.



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Systems & solutions are custom-built to each customer's specifications, thereby providing a comprehensive solution that is designed to accommodate their individual business needs and budget.



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How to Put Burglars Out of Business: Part 4


Making it Likely the Thief Will Get Caught

Consider installing a burglar alarm system.  They range from the simple, inexpensive kind that merely make a noise in the building to the complex, expensive and silent type that's tied to a police station or security agency.  What kind you need depends on several factors: how likely it is that a thief would be detected without one, how far you are from a police station, how the system's cost compares with the cost of goods to be protected.

Get a system that either monitors itself or can be easily checked to make sure it's in good operating condition.  Shop carefully and buy from a reputable company.  If you have a good alarm system, you'll probably get a discount on your business insurance premium.

In lieu of (or in addition to) an alarm system, you may want to hire a security guard or security service to patrol your business at night.  If not, make sure someone (either you or one of your employees) is responsible for checking security of the business before closing time.

Record serial numbers of large-denomination bills.  Also, a small amount of marked "bait money" may help police track a thief.  Try to keep a good inventory of your stock, including serial numbers of valuable goods, theft-prone items and business equipment.  This will help police trace stolen goods and help you in filing an insurance claim.

If you do become a burglary victim, cooperate with the police in every way you can - including pressing charges if they catch a suspect and have enough evidence to convict them.

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