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Since 1988, Innovative Systems, Inc. has served Wisconsin and Northern Illinois with superior residential and commercial security and other related offerings. Innovative Systems is a local, privately-owned innovator and integrator that offers complete design, installation, and servicing of customized system technologies.


What separates Innovative Systems is our 25+ year commitment of honesty, integrity, quality, and experience.  From our dedicated Sales & Administrative Team, to our expertly trained Service & Installation Technicians; Innovative Systems will go above and beyond to ensure your entire experience is not only beneficial for your business or home, but also pleasant.  We don't just service customers, we create relationships.



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How to Put Burglars Out of Business: Part Two

vault door

Make it hard to get inside.

Exterior doors should be heavy and solid...not hollow. Wooden doors should be metal-lined to resist sawing and drilling. Glass panels should be protected against being kicked or knocked out. Side and back entrances should also have metal bars as wide as the inside of the door that can be dropped into place at closing time. Hinge pins on doors should be installed inside so that they cannot be removed by a thief. 

A deadbolt lock is best for doors. There are two main types. One (single cylinder) requires a key to open from the outside but can be opened with a knob from the inside. It is effective if the door is strong and there's no nearby glass that could be broken to get to the knob. The other type (double cylinder) requires a key to open from both outside and inside. This is effective if the door is not so strong or there's breakable glass near it. But it also can be a fire hazard if it's kept locked during business hours. Make sure your local codes permit this type of lock before installing one.

Avoid springlatch locks that can be opened by using a knife blade, a thin piece of metal or a plastic strip.

Window security is just as important as door security. Break-resistant glass is best, especially for display windows. Rear and side windows should be protected by grillwork (iron bars) or by heavy-duty screen (No. 9 gauge interior wire guards), also useful on doors with glass panels. The grillwork or screen should be bolted through the building. Locks are useful on some types of windows; check with a good locksmith.

Don't overlook other ways a burglar might get inside your business - skylights, ventilators, sidewalk grilles, loading docks, old coal chute openings and others. Take steps to make these burglar-resistant also.

And don't forget that some thieves don't even have to break in: they walk in while you're open, then hide in a rest room, closet or similar hiding place until after closing time. So check all potential hiding places before closing up.

If you store some of your stock outside, it should be well lighted and enclosed by a fence - high, sturdy and topped with barbed wire (otherwise it's too easy to climb over or poke a hole through).

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